Lashing Aftercare For Skincare Enthusiasts

This is for our skincare enthusiasts! Do you have a misconception that eyelash extensions may prevent you from enjoying your beloved skincare products?

Well, the good news is, that’s not the case!

Read below to learn how you can enjoy your favorite skincare products while protecting your beautiful eyelash extensions.

First, Why Proper Skincare Matters For Your Lashes

Did you know that skincare is part of lash care? That’s right, and that’s because skincare is so close to the lash line – some skincare even removes makeup on the lashes. This means it’s important to use skincare formulas and methods that will protect your lashes when getting extensions.

Some products that are not safe for lash extensions can prematurely break down the lash adhesive, causing natural lashes and extensions to fall out prematurely! Our motto: You don’t have to choose between skincare and keeping your extensions long and thick until your next lash filler appointment. Both are possible!

How To Pair Skincare With Lash Extensions

It’s best to use oil-free, water-based skincare products when applying eyelash extensions.

Skincare + Extensions Safety Tip: When using any oil- or water-based products, avoid getting them too close to your eyes and lash line. This way, you can continue to use your favorite skincare products without harming your lash extensions.

Want more tips? Here are 5 of our favorite eyelash extension skincare tips:

1. Skip The Oil

The truth is that eyelash extensions and oil are not compatible. Therefore, try to avoid products that contain oil when going about your skincare routine. Trust us, your lashes will thank you! One more thing to know: oil-free products are also great for your skin and allow your pores to breathe easily. Win-win!

2. Practice Gentle Cleansing

When cleansing your face and near your eyes, gently clean around and near your eyelashes. When choosing the best cleanser to use when applying lash extensions, choose an oil-free cleanser to avoid residue buildup that can weaken the lash adhesive. When your skin feels fresh and clean, the eyelash extensions will not fall out! Gently stroking your skin also protects your skin cells from premature and unwanted wrinkles. Don’t worry, we’ve recommended cleansing products for you below!

3. Wear Lash-friendly Moisturizers

Moisturizing is key to glowing skin, but not all moisturizers are suitable for eyelash extensions. Choose oil-free and water-based moisturizers that will keep your skin happy and your lashes looking great. We also recommend using an oil-free eye cream, which is thicker and less likely to penetrate the lash line. This is another win-win for your face and lashes!

4. Choose The Best Sunscreens For Lash Lovers

Sunscreen is a must-have in any skincare routine, but you have to be careful around the eyes, too. Cover your eyelashes when applying sunscreen to your face. Choose a mineral sunscreen to protect pores and lashes.

5. Follow These Beauty Sleep Rules

Proper sleep is essential for healthy skin and eyelash extensions. Here’s how to protect your lashes while you sleep: Step 1 – Sleep on your back to avoid unnecessary lash squeezing and allow your skin to breathe instead of squeezing into your pillow. Step 2 – Get a 3D sleep eye mask to keep your lashes safe from damage while you sleep. This is especially important if you toss and turn while snoozing. Do both of these things and you’ll wake up refreshed, with flawless skin and lashes ready to take on the day!

Eyelash Extensions And Skincare Made Easy

A skincare routine to keep your extensions looking bright while protecting them is simple! Use a gentle cleanser and choose oil-free, lash-friendly products. With these tips, you’ll be able to flaunt your glowing skin and lashes with confidence!

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