Colorful Lash Extensions: Why You Should Stock Them In Your Salon

Colorful Lash Extensions are so much more than a passing trend! Our clients adore the bold, fearless look that Colorful Eyelash Extensions provide, and we’re confident that yours will, too. Variety is the spice of life, and offering many different options is the key to growing your customer base. After all, you never want to have to turn someone away because you don’t have what they want!

While there are no rules to Colorful Lashes—the client’s always right—we’ve put together some tips to help you deliver the best possible results so your clients keep coming back for more. Read on for expert advice on selecting the best Colorful Lash Extensions for each individual client.

1. Blue Eyes

The Open Blue Eye

Warm tones like red and orange offer a dramatic contrast to cool blue eyes. Of course, green and blue work well, too, for a more subtle look—it all depends on what kind of vibe they’re hoping to achieve! For the biggest impact, we recommend applying 60% of the lash extensions in red or orange, and the remaining 40% in black.

2. Brown Eyes

The Open Brown Eye

Blue lashes highlight the natural beauty of brown eyes, so they’re a great first recommendation if your client isn’t quite sure which color to choose. However, if you want to get more drama from Colorful Lash Extensions, try applying purple. The combination of purple lashes with brown eyes creates an illusion that makes the eyes look larger.

3. Green Eyes

The Open Green Eye

When selecting Colorful Eyelash Extensions for green eyes, we highly recommend purple. The sharp contrast is super intense, delivering a powerful look that your clients are sure to love. Blue lashes can also complement green eyes, providing a cool aesthetic inspired by the natural beauty of our planet.

4. Hazel Eyes

The Open Hazel Eye

If your client has hazel eyes, we recommend blue or green lashes. This creates a gorgeous effect with a wash of colors that really brings out the complexity of hazel eyes.

5. Application Tips

Now that you have a better idea of how to select Colorful Lash Extensions based on the client’s eye color, it’s important that you deliver top-notch results to achieve the full effect. Make sure you use our Transparent Eyelash Glue so the vibrant colors can pop to their maximum potential. Also, allow for an extra 30 minutes of setting time so the colored lashes stay perfectly symmetrical.

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