Best Lash Extension Styles For Deep Set Eyes

Hey, lash tech babes! Are you struggling to find the right lash extension style for your clients with deep-set eyes? Well, not anymore. We all know that deep-set eyes are mysterious, alluring and naturally sultry. But this only turns up the pressure when you’re applying a fresh lash extension set to these eyes. If you do too much, it’s a disaster. But if you do too little, your clients won’t get the results they need or want. That’s where MYSTICALASH comes in. We’re here to teach you the secrets of picking out the best lash extensions for deep-set eyes and how to use them to change your client’s eyes from drab to fab. So let’s get lashing!

Understanding Deep Set Eyes: Features and Characteristics

Part of being a spectacular lash technician is knowing how to handle different eye shapes and sizes and transforming your client’s eyes using some incredible lash mapping and your own creative flair.

But what happens when you’re dealing with a unique eye shape like deep-set eyes? Well, then it’s time to step up to the challenge. After all, practice makes perfect.

The deep-set eye position is defined by how the eyes sit a bit deeper within the eye socket. The prominent brow bone casts a natural shadow over the eyes, which can make them look gorgeous, dark and sultry. However, since these eyes are slightly sunken in, they may also look slightly smaller – which is where a fantastic set of eyelash extensions comes in.

Eyelash Extensions For Deep Set Eyes

Selecting the Right Lash Styles for Deep Set Eyes

Lash Style 1: Open Eye

The Open Eye eyelash style is designed to create a more open and lifted look for deep-set eyes so that they resemble bright, round eye shapes.

The reason that these eyelash extensions are a great choice if your client’s eye shape is more deep-set is that they can counterbalance the heaviness of the brow. The longer lashes in the centre of the eye opens them up and makes them look more prominent in the face, helping to create a gorgeous look.

Since the shadow of the brow can make it seem as if your client has a smaller eye shape, this is the right way to make them seem bigger and brighter.

Lash Style 2: Doll Eye

Much like the Open Eye lash technique, the Doll Eye is another go-to style that can bring more attention to your client’s amazing eye shape. Since deep-set eyes can give your client’s eyes the illusion of being slightly closed (like they’re sleepy – but in a sexy way!), a Doll Eye can help to make them seem more alert.

Another great reason to choose this lash technique is that the eyes naturally start to recess as you age. This means that older clients may have more sunken eyes. Doll Eyes are known for making any eye shape look more youthful by bringing attention to the middle of the eye by using the longest eyelash extensions in the middle and tapering off towards the outer and inner corners.

Lash Style 3: Natural Eye

Deep-set eyes already have a naturally dramatic and mysterious look to them, so why not emphasise this feature with a Natural Eye lash technique? This versatile look is fantastic for deep-set eyes since it enhances the eyes without being too overwhelming.

In this technique, you can use moderately long lashes with an average density to add to the natural lashes, with the longest lashes at the outer corner. Honestly, the Natural Eye look is one of the few eyelash extension styles that work for every eye shape, including a cat eye, almond eyes, hooded eyes, and round eyes.

Eyelash Extensions For Open Eyes
Eyelash Extensions For Doll Eyes
Eyelash Extensions For Natural Eyes

🌟Lash Application Techniques for Deep Set Eyes

Placement Tips for Deep Set Eyes

When you’re applying a fresh set of lashes to deep-set eyes, it’s important to know how and where to place them.

Ideally, you’ll want to concentrate the majority of the lashes on the centre of the top lash line to create the illusion of larger, more open eyes. You’ll also want to ensure that the lashes gradually taper toward the outer corner and inner corner of the eye. This helps to balance the eye shape and avoid making the outer corners appear too heavy.

Speaking of the outer corners of the eye, you should try to extend a few longer lash extensions on the outer corners to help lift the eye up as well. Be careful not to overload the eye, though, since too much volume on the outer and inner corners can weigh the lids down.

Helpful tip: Before you get ready to start creating the perfect set of eyelash extensions for your client’s eye shape, you’ll need to remember to gather all of your tools. At MYSTICALASH, we’ve got everything you need – from eye pads and tweezers to tiles and adhesives, we’ll help to kit you out to get the best results.

Customising Lash Length and Curl

For deeper eyes, you’re going to want to choose eyelash extension styles that complement the natural lash, but that are slightly longer. Ideally, you’ll want to keep them within the 2 – 3 mm range, with the longest lash extensions in the centre of the eye.

If you really want your client’s eyes to pop, then we highly recommend lash extensions with a B or C curl. These curls can create a natural lift without making the lash line too heavy. Plus, stronger curls can accentuate the brow bone, which is what you don’t want, so it’s important to avoid anything curlier than a C.

🌟Care and Maintenance Tips for Deep Set Eyes

Proper Aftercare for Lash Extensions on Deep Set Eyes

Proper lash aftercare is important for any eye shape. No matter what eye shapes you’re dealing with, it’s important to share these tips with your clients to make their lashes last even longer:

Use a gentle, oil-free cleanser to clean the lashes every day. Nothing looks worse than dirty lashes!
To keep the lashes fluffy and bold, they’ll need to brush them every day.
Hands off! They should always avoid touching or tugging on their lashes if they want them to stay put.

Handling Potential Challenges

As a skilled lash technician, you always want to be prepared for potential oopsies that your clients may be struggling with. When you’re dealing with sunken eyes, the most common problem is the dreaded premature shedding (eek!). Because the lashes brush up against the bottom of the brow, they tend to fall out more easily, which is why you should always advise your clients to come in for regular refills.


Now that you know how to pick and use the best eyelash extensions for sunken eyes, it’s time to put your skills to the test. With MYSTICALASH, you’ll be set up for success. And if you still need a few pointers, then what are you waiting for? Contact us and let our lash professionals share their tips and tricks with you.

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